We have Top Show quality Chihuahua puppies for sale sometime year around, we also have Himalayan, Persian and Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale sometime year around. We are loving home raising only a few litters a year -NO KENNEL - We do not breed to supply the pet market and we do not sell to pet stores, we occasionally sell puppies, kittens and adults to the right home. We are committed to ensuring our cherished fur babies only go to loving and caring homes.

We guaranteed the health of all our chihuahuas and Cats. All our breeding stock have health tested generations. We are in Matinecock, New York ( recently we are at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida- our 2nd home )

Eva has been a well known Reputable AKC Chihuahua breeder internationally for over 25 years. Many of Eva's famous chihuahuas were awarded International Multiple Top Winning Dogs, AKC Champions, International Champion, Grand Champion, BISS and Westminster Show Stars and so on. She is also a reputable CFA show cat breeder specializing in blue eye cats, Himalayan, and Exotic Shorthair cats, and owns the well known world top winning bloodline Cattery. She only breeds the top show quality with top pedigree for conformation shows internationally.

Eva is an Artist fashion designer. She works at home most of the time. Showing and winning is her biggest  joy and she does it as a hobby. All her fur babies have the 100% -24/365 love attention, they live with her family in 3 leaves in her house, they get the best of everything- because they are in a loving family that do not worry about the money.

Eva only breeds to better the breed. She strives to produce the finest show quality Chihuahuas, and Cats with sound structure, excellent health, superior temperament and the sweetest loving expressions for show, joy and companionship.

Eva’s breeding stocks come from the old schooled American line and  compin with the top winning  European blood with the finest qualities and most sought-after pedigree. Eva’s  goal is to have the # one chihuahua and # one cat in the nation and to see every puppy and kitten are better and better than others. Eva only breeds the best to the best, and She only breeds a few litters a year. Eva believed -Only quality !

You can contact us from our website or social media page at facebook for more inquiries.

Eva's Chihuahua & Eden Secret Himalayans, Exotics Shorhair Cats  

 Eden Secret Cattery Himalayans & Exotics  or  Eva Peng.    

                                                  ABOUT OUR CAT

Eden Secret is a small, loving cattery located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. The main purpose of our breeding program is to exhibit the unique beauty of Himalayan and Color-Pointed Exotics at CFA shows with the hopes of receiving recognition for our passion. We've been raising our cherished cats with love and commitment for over a decade.

Eden Secret breeds to the standard and our goal is to produce show quality kittens and bring our special cats to the shows as a personal hobby. Our aim is to produce short hair Himalayan that will have the same sweet expression and loving personality that made our bloodline from Karabel's long hair Himalayans well known. Our important bloodline is from Karabel's Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop! 16th Best Cat in the Great Lakes Region for 2017. 3rd Best Long Hair Exotic in the Nation for 2016/2017.