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                                Read Our Service Agreement  
If you decide to have one of our baby
# Please Tell me about the home you would provide along with the puppy or kitty that you are interested in.
# Eden Secret
 Cat/ Eva's Chihuahua reserves the right to refuse placement of our babies with anyone we deem inappropriate.​ 
# Deposits, Holding fee and payments are non refundable and taken in good faith, and it cannot be used towards another puppy unless something happens to the puppy while in our care. so be sure of your selection before placing your deposit payment.
# Shipping with a pet nanny is now around $800 to $15
00  within the US. We are currently  located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida . We can meet you at Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport if you decide to fly in.
*prices are subject to change at any time before deposit holding fees are placed.

                                    Contact Information
Eva P @ facebook: 
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida  

Our Service Agreement  -

We Guarantee The Health Of All Our Babies ! 

# 1, We try our best to spend more time answering all your questions and service all your needs. Finding a good home/Buying a puppy or a kitty is a big commitment for everyone- they are living creatures/ loving babies not like a pair of shoes that if you do not like him/her you can just return or exchange- We do not deal with that ! But any pet that is purchased from us, they are welcome to go back home if you can not keep him/her- BUT you will have no money back nor replacement unless the pet has a healthy problem -witch that i have healthy guaranteed on all my pets on sale contract.


# 2, We take $1500 or 30% of the puppy or kitten's full price as a deposit to hold a puppy or a kitten for you. All deposits are not refundable, once we put your puppy as reserved once we are holding the puppy or kitten for you that means this puppy/ kitten is not available to others, and if you change mind this deposit cannot be used towards another puppy unless something happens to the puppy while in our care.

# 3, Waiting list deposit is not refundable. 

# 4, All payments for puppy or for kitten are non refundable, only a replacement at equal quality dogs or cats only if something happens to the puppy or kitten while in our care. OR we have an additional agreement made before this payment.

# 5, We do not hold a puppy over 2.5 month old for free, we also do not hold a kitten over 3.5 months old for free (except in cases where we have an agreement ). If you can not take the puppy or kitten at time specified, a holding fee is from $15 to $35 per day, per pet will be charged. -respect out works !

# 6, Please tell us something about yourself, and we may need a references from your vet. 

# 7, Our kittens will not be sold to Caged catteries. Our puppies will not be  sold to big time breeders or kennel breeders.

# 8, We reserve the right of refusal of selling a kitten or a puppy if we find you are not a right home. 

# 9, We do not guarantee development or any problems caused by the environment after the puppy/ kitten under your care, neither on a kitten nor on a puppy. 

# 10, After you put a deposit on a specific puppy or a kitten, you can not switch to another puppy or kitten unless we agree to.


Placing a Deposit

* Waiting List Deposits are from $500 depending.

* Waiting list deposits are not refundable.

* Deposits on a puppy or a kitten are from $1000 up depending the price of the puppy or kitten and the time frame/timing.

* The deposit does go towards the price of the puppy or kitten.

* All Deposits are non-refundable, because we are holding the puppy/ kitten for you.

​* If for any reason you decide to back out on the purchase of a puppy or a kitten, the deposit or payment is non-refundable due to the timing/time being wasted to find the puppy a home, and for all the time and work I've already put into the puppy.

​​* If by any reason the puppy or kitten is not suitable to be placed in a new home, your deposit will be towards another available puppy or kitten, or future litter, or a full refund.

​I like to make sure my babies are completely healthy before leaving home. Sometimes there are babies that stay tiny and have possible sugar crashes and need extra care. Most breeders decide to keep these babies and give them the care they need. 

  *Waiting List By Deposits*-No Refundable 

( All waiting list deposit are non refundable / all deposit for holding a puppy or a kitten are non refundable / all payment are non refundable if you change mind by any reason- only replacement puppy or kitten will be given )

( We work hard for the people that are on this waiting list. Everyone on the list has the first right to reserve our available puppies or kittens in order of the ranking on the list, but without your commitment of a reservation i have my right to sell available puppies or kittens to others who maybe not on the waiting list )

 Puppy Waiting List:

#1, Carol H, Dunedin, FL,$1400 down( a white or cream show quality small G as pet )
#2, Nancy Mudd, Winchester, VA $1000 down( a S-M, Choco, or red&w LH B as pet )
#3Heidi S, South Carolina, $500 ( show, breeding quality Husky girl ) 
#4, Sherry Davis,Boca Raton, FL, $500 ( show quality white smooth girl )
#5, Brenda B F, Virginia, $1600 ( A breeding show quality girl )
#6, Patti Kyne, $500 ( a beautiful sweet long hair puppy girl or boy ) 
#7, Patricia Kyne , $500 ( Not sure what she wants ) 
#8,Anne M Ishee, NJ, $500 deposit (show breeding girl, and boy )
#9,Christopher b, AB,$500 deposit ( for a short hair girl as pet )
#10, Záfia P, Brazil , $1600 deposit ( for a show quality boy, long hair, white / red  & white )
#11, Cherry W, TX, $ 1500 down for a tri-choco/ lilac girl show / breeding 

#12, Ivetina D, Spain,  $1000 down for a long hair male for show 
#13, Kruti T,
 Oman, $6000 for a longhair girl as pet.
#14, Tina C, CA, $2000 for one girl one boy long hair white as pets.

#15,Jean A, FL, $500 for a small size long hair puppy ( boy or girl )

#16,Stephanie D, AL. $500 for a tiny, dark color long hair puppy( girl or boy )

#17, Tara S, NJ, $500 for a long hair girl puppy as pet.

#18, Christina M, CA, $1000 for a small white cream short hair boy as pet. 

#19, Cecilia A T, UK, $2000 for a smooth boy for show.

#20, Tiyna S, Seattle $1000 smooth girl for show. 

#21, Michelle Bueron, KS, $2000 for a male puppy as pet.

#22, Elizet C Vazquez, FortMyers, FL, $1000 for a top quality LH girl as a pet.

#23, Melissa W, OH, $1000 for a show quality male white color LH

#24, Tereza H, Czech Republic, $1000, for a LH show quality boy.

  Kitten  Waiting List:
#1, Tiffanie N, Stafford, TX , $500 down for a seal point girl as pet 
#2, Teana S, Vancouver, Washington, $500 down for a kitten girl as pet ( for her mother in-law)
#3, Dee,PA, $500 down for a ESH male for breeding.
#4, Jessica A, NJ, $1000 down for a Himalayan male for show and breeding.
#5, Song G L, Taiwan, $ 2000 down for ESH male for show / breeding 

#6, Kathy S, NY, $500 down for a long hair girl as pet.

#7, Christine M, CA, $500 down for a show quality, ESH boy, prefer Flame point for breeding. 

#8,Christine M, CA, $500 down for a show quality, girl, for breeding.  

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