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Welcome to Eva's Chihuahua, your trusted source for top-quality Chihuahua puppies in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We pride ourselves on raising loving home-bred pets of show quality from renowned bloodlines. With decades of experience as a top-rated AKC show Chihuahua breeder, our commitment to excellence is recognized worldwide. From multiple world champions to Westminster show stars, Eva's Famous Chihuahuas are renowned for their quality and pedigree. We pursue our passion for breeding as a hobby, bringing joy to both ourselves and our cherished pets. Explore our available puppies today and discover the joy of Eva's Chihuahua.

Adorable tiny chihauhua puppy
Adorable chihauhua puppy
Eva's Chihuahua Puppies available  For Sale- Florida
Himalayan Exotic Shorthair kitten Available For Sale - Florida

--- The smallest  therapy dog in the world !---Our Baby Chihuahua boy Eva's Sunny 

Just want to share this ❤️One of our baby boy is about 10 month old and is 2.5 lb now .Video from Jenny Chen , CA .

the most beautiful exotic shortahir cat
best chocolate chihauhua puppy
the most beautiful himalayan cat

Those are our males - The Best Long hair chihuahua in the History 

the most beautiful longhair chihuahua
the best long hair chihauhua
best smooth coat chihauhua
Best Long hair Chihauha in the wold
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