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  ❤️🌹 We Have The Best!  ❤️🌹 We Breed To Better The Breed !❤️🌹

Welcome to Eva's Chihuahuas! With over 30 years of dedication, we breed top-quality Chihuahuas from renowned bloodlines worldwide. Our focus is on breeding healthy, well-tempered show dogs, ensuring each puppy meets the highest standards. With limited litters each year, our puppies are raised with love and care, making them truly special additions to loving homes.


( for more question please contect me by email )

# We take $1500 or 30% of the puppy full price as a deposit to hold a puppy for you. Holding fees are not refundable and cannot be transferred to another puppy. ( unless we have an other agreement )

# Priority for selecting a puppy will be given to those on our waiting list before they are made available to new homes.

*Note - Pricing is subject to change pending on the quality (pet/show) of puppy as he/she grows, Once you pay for the deposit, we will not raise the price of the puppy.


Photos of Parents for 2/23/2024 litter  


3 gorgeous long hair boys are available for reservation  

Cream white / Blue sable fawn

Price: from $5000 to $8000  under evaluations 


Photos of Parents for 12/27/2023 litter  


NAME: Tiramisu ( Boy available -show prospect )👇
DOB: 12/27/ 2023
Coat & color: Chocolate White / Longhair double fluffy coat
Personality: Mom's boy,comes.cuddle,sweet, dependent, playful. 
Price for pet home: $5000 (
estimated around 4.5 to 5 lb adoult size )


Name: Chocolate Souffle ( Girl avalable-Show prospect  )👇
DOB: 12/27/2023
Coat & color: Chocolate White Tan marking / Longhair double fluffy coat
PersonalitySweet, outgoing,cuddle  
Price for pet home: $8000 ( estimated around 5lb adoult size)