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                                                  ABOUT OUR CAT
Eden Secret is a small cattery. The main purpose of our breeding program is to exhibit the unique beauty of Himalayan and Color-Pointed Exotics at CFA shows with the hopes of receiving recognition for our passion. We've been raising our cherished cats with love and commitment for over a decade.
Eden Secret breeds to the standard and our goal is to produce show quality kittens and bring our special cats to the shows as a personal hobby. Our aim is to produce short hair Himalayan that will have the same sweet expression and loving personality that made our bloodline from Karabel's long hair Himalayans well known. Our important bloodline is from Karabel's Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop! 16th Best Cat in the Great Lakes Region for 2017. 3rd Best Long Hair Exotic in the Nation for 2016/2017.    

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