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                                          His Amazing Top Winning Show Records !
International Cat Show of Cat Fancy Club "Advance", Arkhangelsk November 16-17, 2013
Nom BIS both days; 9th place in WCF-ring; Best male in Special Show

Show of rare breeds /BEST breed Adult male -
-  Dabi White Rose of Colorolla,

20-21 October 2012, Severodvinsk, WCF International Cat Show. - Nom BIS, Ex1 !, Expert Maria Savrasova

."GroundhogDay" WCF Show (28 April) / BEST of BEST I Severodvinsk WCF show 28 April 2013
  Top Winner Cat / BEST of BEST      

Severodvinsk WCF show 27 April 2013/ BEST of BEST ! /The first day of WCF Show (27 April)  
The absolute winner!          

There are CFA international Aat Show videos below, click the links to review 

WCF SHOW 3-4/11/2012 WCF-ring, My sweet heart Dabi White Rose of Colorolla- №5 on WCF-ring! Jude Nadejda Pilatova, Belarus (AB, WCF)

WCF SHOW, 3-4/11/2012 Persian & EXO Breed SHOW

Persian & Exo BREED SHOW, jude Tamara Gulianskaya, RUSSIA (AB, WCF)

My sweet EXO-boy Dabi White Rose of Colorolla - the Best Male and the Best of Breed!

"DABI WHITE ROSE of COLOROLLA" - AMAZING International CFA Cat Show Records !

11/16/2014, Severodvinsk, WCF,  Bolshoi class/ International Champions

N. Pilatova, Belarus (WCF, AB) nom BIS EX 1 CACE/ Marie-Louise Guezennec, Sweden (non-WCF, AB)
Tatiana Tarasenko, Belarus (WCF, AB)

11/ 17 /2013, Severodvinsk, WCF, Bolshoi class/ International Champions/Andreas Kretschmer-Kraiczek,

 11/17/2013, Germany (WCF, AB)/ nom BIS, Ex1, CACE Color Show / Judge M.M. Litvina
(number of cats - 17) /BEST MALE/ WCF-ring Adult (16.11.2013), /judge Wojciech-Albert Kurkowski
(number of animals - 36) -/ BEST IX / Wojciech-Albert Kurkowski, Poland (WCF, AB)

nom BIS, Ex1, CACE /M. M. Litvina, Russia (WCF, AB)

 11 / 2-3 /2013,Petrozavodsk, Karelia / WCF in the class of International Champions

S. N. Korotkonozhkina, Russia (WCF, all breed)

nom BIS, EX1, CAGCIB Mono breed Show - BEST 1,Best of Breed
T. V. Tereshina, Russia (WCF, all breed)/ 

10 / 12-13 /2013,Arkhangelsk / WCF in the class of International Champions / Tatyana Esina, Russia (AB)

nom BIS, EX1, CAGCIB/ Irina Kondratieva, Russia (AB)

nom BIS, EX1, CAGCIB/ Roman Nitsenko, Russia,  SLH, SH, SOSH

4/ 27/2013,Severodvinsk/ WCF in Champion class/ Mrs. Yanina Melnikova, Belarus (AB)

4/28/2013 -/ 
BEST of BEST / Mrs. Svetlana Ponomareva, Russia (LH, SLH, SH non WCF)

nom BIS, Ex1, CACIB /Mr. Igor Bodunov, Russia (AB)

11 / 3-4 /2012,Petrozavodsk, Karelia/ WCF in the open class /in Champion class

T.V. Goulyanskaya, Russia (all breed)/ CAC, Ex1 Mono breed Show - BEST 1,
Best of Breed / N.V. Pilatova, Belarus (all breed) /

10/20-21/2012, Severodvinsk / WCF in the open class/ E. Fedorenko, Russia (AB)/ 

nom BIS, Ex1, CAC Show of rare breeds / Judge: M. Savrasova (Israel)
BEST breed Male/ BEST breed Adult
M. Savrasova, Israel (AB) / 
nom BIS, Ex1, CAC/ M. Guseva, Russia (AB)

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